Our experience over the past years shows that there is no real need for complex data transfer procedures from home diagnostic equipment or gadgets into the MWD Health Manager. Compared to high-end diagnostic equipment most gadgets provide unstable and therefore unreliable data. Our app will tell the individual what to do, when to do it and which data to input on his or her smartphone. Keeping things simple for all participants is our main focus. Of course users can keep using their favorite meters and gadgets.


With your help we can make the difference and get 'noticed'.


Contrary to many attractive websites loaded with 'facts and promises' prior to offering the real product, you can see from the availability date that our product is already operational now and ready for use.

We have received many encouraging reactions from all over the world for our product by hospital managers, physicians and by individuals.


More than 5,500 captions, medical expressions, texts, and documents have already been translated from English into German, Dutch and Chinese. In the process of translating by trusted medical specialists are Spanish, Arabic, French, Turkish, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian.


Maybe you are not in the need for an MWD Health Manager iEHR yourself, but surely within your circle of family and friends you know someone who might be grateful for your advice to take a look at the content on this page. So get the word out and make some noise for us about this product.



Thank you for supporting us.

Your MWD Health Manager iEHR Team.




Heart conditions, Diabetes, Hypertension and  cancer are the most common under the chronic diseases from which about 20% or 1,500.000.000  individuals of the world population are suffering. Tendency: increasing


Cardiovascular disease (WHO)

Diabetes (WHO)

Cancer (WHO)

Obesity and overweight (WHO)

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