How is MWD® Health Manager iEHR making a difference?


MWD Health Manager iEHR includes hospital and home based strategies to optimize the management of chronic and other diseases that require permanent or temporary non-ambulant monitoring. A development we started more than 12 years ago with a PC version, 6 years later with Windows Mobile 6. 2 years later with Android because Windows let us down and only since the last 3 years Android smartphones were equipped with enough 'power' to handle the complex data and communication structures with our back-end servers. The server side software had to be redesigned adapting to the current and future smartphone capabilities.


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You have no access to your own health records ?

Create and keep your own independent Electronic Health Record (iEHR)


MWD Health Manager iEHR with its supporting smartphone apps.


On a PC, tablet or smartphone, the application allows users to display, enter or edit health and other information. If an internet connection is available, the data is automatically uploaded to a cloud service or a hospital back-end server, from where physicians and other medical staff can access the data in real time. Communication between devices and server is done through a 264 bits SSL tunnel. All data in our cloud server(s) or on the hospital's server is encrypted; visible and accessible only to the patient or by authorized hospitals or physicians. Not even the MWD staff themselves can access your medical data. The iEHR on your smartphone is encrypted the same way.


Do you need a second opinion?


Since all your data on your smartphone is always synchronized with the server(s), you can easily generate a printable report on the server from your smartphone including all or some selected information from your iEHR. Send the report from the server to one or more physicians, to any other recipient or to yourself. Alternately you can offer the physician to register and have access to your iEHR on the server(s). Very useful if you travel far or go on a vacation and want to leave a copy with a family member.


You can manage content designated for their smartphones by yourself, i.e. including:


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