You can manage content designated for their smartphones by yourself, i.e. including:


Reminders for a preset' series of actions/checks


  • Glucose
  • Hemoglobin·  Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate (e.g. before and after sport)
  • Oxygen
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Medications (e.g. Wi-Fi pill boxes)
  • Online appointments ( if connected with a physician)
  • Actions (anything from baby feeding times to travel schedules)


Reminders for actions or medication intake


  • Tablets, mg, ml, units, injections·  Your iEHR can be made visible to multiple physicians
  • Calculated prescriptions to prepare by pharmacies
  • A food calculator which can be personalized with favorite foods returning Carbon Hydrates, Fat, Protein and Cholesterol values.
  • An Insulin calculator suggests the best quantity of bolus Insulin to be injected after taking into account a specific amount of food products, the measured blood glucose value and a number of Insulin Correction Rules (set by an authorized physician as part of a therapy).
  • Basal Insulin is automatically recorded depending on the programmed basal settings and time points advised by an authorized physician. (Also for Insulin pump users)
  • Exports to Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Scheduled hospital/physician visits
  • Laboratory blood analysis values (currently server side only).
  • Recalculate reminders for actions or medications based on travelling to another Time Zone with smooth adaption over a period of 1 to max. 4 days. Returning to the ‘home’ Time Zone will reset the reminders over the same selected period into their original state. This feature is especially important for medication intake at scheduled times.
  • Physician supported online electronic consult
  • Online Appointments
  • Critical alerts
  • Emergencies
  • Upload/download photos and images directly from your smartphone into selected binders, both from the individual's and the physician’s apps.





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